10-01-2006 -- SimIt-MIPS 1.0 is released


SimIt-MIPS is a research tool for simulating user-level MIPS32 programs. It supports all three common simulation styles: interpretation, static-compiled simulation, and dynamic-compiled simulation. It offers very high simulation speed and has been tested on IA32 Linux platforms using SPEC CPU benchmarks. SimIt-MIPS is free, open-source software under the GNU General Public License.

SimIt-MIPS features:

  • Built-in debugger
    The '-d' flag enables a simple debugging interface, allowing one to step through a program and to observe register/memory values.

  • GDB interface
    The '-gdb' switch enables interfacing with GDB for more advanced debugging. GDB GUIs such as DDD can be used.

  • Static-compiled simulation
    It is capable of translating a MIPS32 program into an equivalent IA32 program. The resulting program simulates around 200 million MIPS32 instructions per second.

  • Dynamic-compiled simulation
    A special simulation technique that uses GCC to do run-time binary translation is implemented. The technique offers slightly slower simulation speed than static-compiled simulators. But it is more convenient to use and supports simulating self-modifying code.

A user's guide can be found here.


Download the latest release from here. To build a cross-compiler for MIPS32, follow the instructions at the crosstool page.

Feedback and contributions are welcome. Check out SimIt-ARM too!